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How Emerald Energy from Waste turns waste to valuable energy.

Delivery – Waste accepted at the site is deposited on the tip floor

Incinerators – The waste is put into one of 5 modular gasification units by front end loader. The waste is heated to produce a gas. The gas is combusted, reaching a temperature of 1 000° C.

Boilers – The heat from the gas combustion produces steam The steam is directed to a turbine to produce electricity or to a neighboring paper mill for use in the production of recycled paper products. The temperature of the gas drops from 1 000° C to 230° C

Evaporative Cooling Towers – Water is sprayed into the flue gas to reduce its temperature to 185° C.

Venturi Reactors – Activated Carbon and powdered lime are added to the flue gas to absorb mercury and other metals and neutralize acids.

Baghouse – Particulate is removed from the flue gas in the baghouse using over 3,900 m2 of advanced fabric filters.

Induced Draft Fans – These fans draw the flue gas through the gasifiers, boilers, evaporative cooling towers, venture reactors and baghouses. They also propel the flue gas through the duct burner and selective catalytic reduction to the new stack.

Duct Burner – The duct burner reheats the flue gas to 230° C prepare the flue gas for the next step in air pollution control system.

Ammonia Injection – Ammonia is injected to facilitate the operation of the Selective Catalytic Reduction.

Selective Catalytic Reduction – The Selective Catalytic Reactor reduces the nitrogen oxides in the flue gas. The treated gas is released through the stack.

Bottom Ash – Bottom ash is the incombustible residue left behind by the incineration process. It is a non-hazardous material and is currently disposed in a landfill. Emerald continually seeks ways to divert bottom ash from disposal.

Fly Ash – Fly Ash is a non-combustible material drawn from the flue gas. It is removed in the boilers, venture reactors and baghouse. It is potentially hazardous and is disposed of in a hazardous landfill.