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Offering many services that will turn your waste into energy.

Commercial Disposal:  Solid non-hazardous wastes from municipal, institutional, commercial and industrial sources.

Product Destruction:  Complete destruction of commercial products, equipment or documents. The only facility in southern Ontario capable of providing fast, effective and large-scale destruction services.

Witnessed Destruction and Destruction Certificates are available upon request.

Secure Destruction:  Protected destruction of commercially sensitive or restricted materials. The only facility in southern Ontario capable of providing a completely secure disposal environment.

Normal delivery hours are Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

24/7 deliveries can be arranged through special request

Deliveries can be made in a variety of transportation options including trailers, dump trailers, walking floor units.

Arrangements for collection can be made using standard waste transportation equipment (roll-off, front end, rear packers, side loaders etc).

One-time, short term and long term disposal arrangements are available.