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Steam Pipeline

The Steam Pipeline – a process for transporting energy from waste.

When the facility was first proposed, it was always envisioned that there could be a steam pipeline built between EEFW and the neighboring paper mill. Large quantities of steam are needed in the paper making process. The steam pipeline project was proposed in 2003, construction started in 2004 and it was commissioned in 2008. At the time the project was proposed, paper mill’s boiler was up for replacement. Steam is provided to the paper mill and the paper mill returns the condensed steam to the Energy From Waste facility as condensate. Right from the time of its commissioning, the project has worked to the mutual benefit of both the paper mill and the Energy From Waste facility.

Design Data


800 metres


Steam – 30 cm (12 in) diameter, Condensate 15 cm (6 in) diameter

Steam pressure

200 psig (1,379 kpa), saturated

Steam flow

Average of 70,000 lb (31,750 kg.)./hr.

Pipe Elevation

The steam pipeline runs above ground at the EFW site via a pipe bridge to the EFW property boundary. The pipeline dips 25 ft. below grade to pass under Bramalea Road rising to approximately 12 ft. below grade on the east side of the road. The pipeline includes 7 underground vaults to accommodate expansion joints that allows for thermal expansion of the steam and condensate pipelines.