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Emerald Energy from Waste

As a privately owned enterprise, Emerald Energy from Waste specializes in delivering energy recovery services for materials generated by residential and commercial customers that are not suitable for traditional recycling methods. Our operational base, strategically located at the intersection of Highway 407 and Bramalea Road in Brampton, Ontario, has been serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 30 years.
In collaboration with our affiliates, U-Pak Disposals and Kerry-Cavan Feeds, we actively assist clients throughout Ontario in attaining their Zero Waste to Landfill objectives. Beyond our commitment to waste reduction, we contribute significantly to our local community through the energy recovery process. Specifically, we supply steam to a nearby recycled paper manufacturing company and feed electricity into the Ontario grid, ensuring a dual benefit of environmental responsibility and community support.

Emerald Energy from Waste:

A Decades-Long Commitment to Sustainability

Since its inception in 1992, Emerald Energy from Waste has been at the forefront of redefining sustainable energy production. Initially focused on generating electricity through a single-stage turbine, any surplus power was seamlessly integrated into the Ontario grid, establishing a solid foundation for future growth. As a privately owned Ontario enterprise, we’ve been dedicated to recovering energy from residual waste since our inception. Additionally, continuous investments in equipment upgrades have allowed us to remain at the forefront of technological advancements. With a 30-year history of consistently meeting Ontario’s stringent emission standards, we proudly hold the distinction of being the longest-running Energy from Waste facility in the province. Moreover, our operations employ over 40 professionals, and we contribute over $3 million annually to local suppliers.

Our facility recovers energy from solid, non-hazardous waste generated by Ontario residents and businesses, producing an impressive 10 MW of energy in the process. This not only diverts waste from landfills but also significantly reduces carbon emissions associated with waste management activities. Furthermore, the energy we recover serves various purposes, from providing heat in the form of steam or district heat to conversion into electricity or even hydrogen. Overall, Emerald is authorized to process up to 546 tonnes of waste per day.

At the heart of our operation lies a meticulously designed closed-loop system optimized for efficiency. In 2008, Emerald introduced a pipeline to a local paper mill to transport steam for cardboard production. This innovative facility rendered a dedicated coal or gas-fired boiler unnecessary. Then, the steam generated is seamlessly supplied to the paper mill, where its energy is harnessed, and the resulting spent steam (condensate) efficiently returns to Emerald for reintegration into the Ontario grid. Ultimately, the collaboration between Emerald and the paper mill is a testament to the project’s impressive success. Evidently, our energy recovery efficiency has soared, while the paper mill has significantly reduced its reliance on natural gas.

In 2021, another significant milestone was achieved by introducing a two-stage turbine, superseding the original equipment. This advanced turbine produces electricity and generates saturated steam, offering a dual benefit to both our site and the Ontario grid.

Emerald Energy from Waste remains a privately owned leader of sustainability, delivering critical energy recovery services for non-recyclable materials sourced from residential and commercial entities.

For over three decades, our facility has been a cornerstone of the Greater Toronto Area. Further, we continue to make advances in our technology through our research and development programs which include the ability to create green hydrogen as well as district heating. Albeit, these strides highlight our dedication to sustainable innovation, ensuring a brighter, more environmentally conscious future for our community and beyond.

Emerald Energy From Waste History

It was a start of long process that started in 1984, but the journey was worth it as we have developed a process that will help do our part in keeping our world green.


Initial Design


Environmental Assessment Process initiated


Construction started on modular 4-unit facility


Facility achieved operational status in April, known as Peel Resource Recovery, Inc.(PRRI), a Brampton-headquartered company, starts processing municipal solid waste from the Region of Peel.


Facility purchased by KMS, facility was renamed KMS Peel


Second EA initiated to add a fifth unit and Selective Catalytic Reduction System.


Fifth unit and Selective Catalytic Reactor started up


Facility purchased by Algonquin Power Income Fund, facility renamed Algonquin Power Energy From Waste Inc. (APEW)


Refurbishment of boilers and air pollution control equipment to keep the facility state-of-the-art, ensuring 20 more years of reliable operation


Facility obtains permit to receive both municipal and industrial, commercial, institutional waste from Ontario sources, from within and outside the Greater Toronto Area.


Purchased by Emerald Energy from Waste Inc.


Plant approved to install a 6th EFW unit.


Emerald Hydrogen Pilot Program Proposal

Energy from Waste

Sustainable Solutions to Waste Disposal

We take pride in leading the way in waste disposal in Ontario. With our sustainable solutions, we aim to discover a zero waste resolution for our community and maximize the advantages of zero waste-to-landfill.