Preserving Ontario’s Future

through energy from waste

For every metric tonne diverted from landfill, you save:

KW of electricity

Tonnes of Carbon Offset Credits

Cubic Metres of Landfill Space Saved

What We Do

Recovering Energy From Waste

We transform solid non-hazardous waste from municipal, industrial, commercial, and institutional channels into renewable energy. The reclaimed thermal energy is then converted into both steam and electricity for utilization within our community.

Who We Are

Leaders in Ontario Waste Energy

Since its inception in 1992, we have managed over 3 million tonnes of waste, consistently meeting Ontario’s rigorous environmental regulations, among the most stringent globally. Our robust environmental monitoring initiatives affirm our capability to operate safely within our community.

While the Emerald facility has been in uninterrupted operation since 1992, ongoing investments in cutting-edge technology empower us to meet the evolving demands of our clientele. Significant capital infusions and updates to our licenses were undertaken in 2000, 2013, and 2021.

Our Future

Redevelopment Project

Emerald proposes redeveloping our site to install modern, more efficient technology. The redevelopment will occur in phases, increasing our processing capacity to 2,500 t/d of municipal and commercial waste and our energy recovery rate to 100 MW.

Visit our Virtual Open House to learn more about our Redevelopment Project.

Redevelopment project


For Public Review

The Environmental Screening Report is available for public review. Comments must be submitted by April 1, 2024 to

Environmental Screening Report (Link)

Appendix A – Notice of Commencement (Link)

Appendix B – Technical Impact Assessment Reports (Link)

Appendix C – Consultation Report (Link)

Appendix D – Notice of Completion (Link)

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Redevelopment Project: The Future of Emerald from Waste

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Why Choose Energy From Waste

Choosing a Sustainable Future
The simplest answer, we aim to send nothing to landfill. We live in a society where we take, we make, we use, and we throw away. Energy from Waste allows us to move towards a circular society where we can convert our nonrecyclable waste into renewable energy.